Therapists - Gift Certificate Program

Thank you for your interest in our Massage Go gift certificate program.

Please read the following information carefully. It should answer any questions you have about becoming a participating massage therapist.

How do I become a participating massage therapist / business?
1. Read carefully, fill out and sign the attached agreement to Massage Go.
2. Fax, email or mail the completed and signed agreement to Massage Go.

           Fax:    585 872-7982
           Mail:    Massage Go 
                      60 Barrett Dr.
                      Suite D
                      Webster, NY 14580
                      Attention: Tonya Colburn

*When we receive your signed contract we will add your name/ business, address and phone number to our Website.

Are Massage Go gift certificates good for services or a dollar amount?

Massage Go gift certificates are for dollar amounts only.
It is up to you if you want to give cash or credit back for any unused gift certificate amounts.
Please refer to your agreement for details.

How do I redeem Massage Go gift certificates?

1. The customer must present gift certificate at time of their visit.
2. After massage services have been rendered:

      Email your name, gift certificate number and security code to 
      Or call 585 330-2832

* NOTE: You must provide your name, gift certificate number and security code to receive payment.

3. Receive a Massage Go check in two weeks (approx.)

How much do I get paid? 
You will receive a check for the dollar amount of the gift certificate minus 20%.
IE: $25 gift certificate minus 20% = $20 check to you.

Can I cancel my agreement with Massage Go?

You may cancel your participating therapist agreement at any time with 30 days written notice to Massage Go.
You are required to honor any outstanding gift certificate balances that have been redeemed prior to cancellation of your agreement with Massage Go.



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